Kenilworth Car Hire

The suburb of Kenilworth is location of choice for the headquarters of Vineyard Car Hire. The welcoming converted Victorian home complements the core ethos of the company – you are more than just a ‘client’, you are an individual and we will cater for your specific needs. Our satisfied clients can provide testament to this ethos.

Kenilworth itself is a highly sought after area for prospective home buyers; there are also many security complexes, of which many units are available for rent. One of the draw cards is the suburb’s proximity to entertainment venues, restaurant, health clubs as well as a wide range of other activities.

The premier event for which Kenilworth is known is the annual J&B Met, drawing thousands from all over the country to revel in the thrill of betting on the sure-fire winner or the underdog. It is through this that Vineyard Car Hire has acquired diverse fleet of vehicles to suit the needs of any customer. Your peace-of-mind is assured.

For information about how to book your optimal vehicle, simply visit Vineyard Care Hire’s official site or give them a call at (021) 761-0671.

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