Rondebosch Car Hire

Rondebosch is known as one of the optimal family suburbs throughout the Mother City. It is a multifaceted suburb, with its inclusion of flats, large family homes as well as properties that are rented by students for their ‘digs’ as it is primarily known as the area that is home to the esteemed University of Cape Town.

The university is renowned worldwide and many students from across the country enrol as they are confident of a top-notch education. During the vacation months, it is not always possible for them to go home to spend time with their family; however, through the services of Vineyard Car Hire as well as accommodation in the suburb, your parents will be able to visit you.

Due to the tens of thousands of students that attend the tertiary institution and live in the suburb, you can be assured that there is a plethora of restaurants as well as a couple of shopping centres.

It can be argued that Rondebosch is the most centrally-placed suburb in the city, bordering Newlands, Claremont and Rosebank. This allows easy access to the sports stadiums, large shopping complexes as well as restaurants and popular venues where you can indulge in the Mother City’s indefatigable nightlife.

Vineyard Car Hire, no matter what your requirements may be, will be able to accommodate you through their excellent reputation.

For information about how to book your optimal vehicle, simply visit Vineyard Car Hire’s official site or give them a call at (021) 761-0671.

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